Unrelenting Love

Lent 2017 : Day 25

Reflection Posted : 2017-03-26 by : Mary

As we move deeper into Lent, and Holy Week is coming into sight it is important to keep in mind what we have accomplished this Lenten season.   How far our own journey has taken us.

It is interesting to think of Christ’s journey to His Passion, the forty days that preceding it, how He travelled from town to town preaching.  This time must have been truly stressful on Jesus, as He, like us, know where these 40 days lead.  He had this final short time to preach, to make disciples, to cure, to heal, to change the lives of as many as He could, and to give His final teachings. 

Maybe we, too, find our journey to Holy Week stressful, buckling under the weight of temptation, perhaps stressful over the events of our lives, or sickness that was present long before Lent began.  But it is with joy, confidence and faith in the power of our resurrected Lord, that knowing in a few short weeks we will be revitalized once again.  

Easter brings with it such a time of joy, healing, forgiveness. It is a moment of rebirth, when the cold of winter is shaken off and the freshness of spring begins to take over.  You might have thought about what you're giving up for Lent quite extensively, but did you ever think about what you want Easter to bring you? Many state the New Year is for “new beginnings” and a “New year, new me” but truly Easter is our moment of “newness”, our rebirth.

Christ’s Passion and death on the Cross means our sins died with Jesus on that Cross, and on the third day as Christ was resurrected, He gave us this incredible opportunity to be rejuvenated from the sins and hardships of our lives. 

I am praying and excited that everyone would picture what they want to see this Easter to bring them. Maybe for some it is a full heart of love, and for others it could be a healing process to a broken soul. Let us be bold in asking Christ to help us be reborn this Easter, but let us also keep in mind and pray for those who really need the joys of Jesus this coming Easter.  That all who suffer in heart, mind or body be open to God’s endless love and a new beginning free from sin. Pray for them as I pray for you. 


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