Unrelenting Love

Lent 2017 : Day 21

Reflection Posted : 2017-03-22 by : Chai

Today’s readings (first reading, Gospel) speak of the laws of our God as an integral part in living a holy life. Jesus in the Gospel proclaimed that He did not come to “abolish the law and the prophets but to fulfill them”. During His time, Jesus was seen as a heretic as He challenged the practices of the Pharisees who were keen to follow the laws of the prophets, forgetting about their internal conversion and turning themselves into self-righteous individuals. In those cases where Jesus called them out regarding their practices and understanding of the law, Jesus was not actually abolishing or refuting the laws manifested by Moses, but He redirects the followers to what is essential and true. Laws are given to any society or organization to create order and discipline. Without it, people will be without direction. Even our common laws in society (ie, constitution) are being studied closely by experts to standardize the people’s understanding, to ensure that the followers fulfill the purpose for which the laws were made for. This is the same for God’s people. Jesus, the ultimate teacher, has come to make clear the laws of the prophets. As the laws of Moses have been subjected to personal interpretation, Jesus reminds us that the laws are the still the same and the laws objective remains, to love God above all. 

People today are more secular than spiritual. I think this is because they find the laws of the Church to be old and un-relatable. The laws of men are bent and molded to conform to the needs of the people and make it relevant. Abortion has become legal to most of the progressive countries as a way to control population growth and to respect the “freedom of choice”. People believe that we own our bodies and lives and we get the say on how to live it. The death penalty has become legal in most countries as people feel this is the way to achieve justice on earth for those who have committed heinous crimes. However, we who believe and follow the teachings of Jesus know that this is not what God wants. We are not of our own. Our lives, our bodies are not our possessions but God’s. We know that the laws of the Church, remains true as our God has never changed since the time of Moses. Following the laws of God requires an extra dose of humility because we submit our own understanding to God’s wisdom. We forego our own will and follow His will because we know that by doing so, we are transforming our lives on earth to become a worthy sacrifice to the One who made us. Our lives are not our own and the laws were laid down as a manual on how to cherish, protect, preserve and mold our lives to prepare us to face our creator, our Father, in His kingdom. 

Dear God,
Thank you for calling us and setting us apart.
May we recognize your love in your commandments and laws.
May we humbly submit our whole lives to following your teachings as we focus on our spiritual conversion.
Teach us to fulfill your greatest commandment, to love as how You love us.

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