Unrelenting Love

Lent 2017 : Day 20

Reflection Posted : 2017-03-21 by : Nikki

When we were younger, we used to play a simple and fun game called Simon Says. Someone is chosen to be "Simon," the leader of the game, the commander of the group. His goal is to give instructions and to eliminate all those who fail, until a single winner remains.

I remember how we all used to follow each and every command eagerly and correctly so we can end up the winner. 

Fast forward to decades later, we find ourselves living in a Simon Says reality, with figures of authority laying out the rules for us. Parents, teachers, friends, bosses, the government, the Church. They are just a few examples of people and institutions with influential roles in our lives. Since childhood, they have been forming the norms of society, putting value in material and worldly things, and dictating what we can and cannot do. Unfortunately, times have changed and some leaderships have strayed and have been tainted with questionable natures and negative consequences.

Are we now the same children who were so eager to obey without any thought? If so, have we fallen into the trap of blind obedience? What will happen to us if we continue to follow the wrong teachings and influences of others?

God is our only leader, our Messiah, and we should listen only to Him. In Isaiah 1:10, God reminds us to seek Him and listen to Him especially when the world is not right.

We were blessed with the gift of knowledge and discernment to know which is right or wrong, and the freedom to choose our actions wisely. Instead of putting value on the wrong things, we should instead strive to glorify God by learning to do right, being just, and helping our sisters and brothers in need (Isaiah 1:16-17). 

We should not follow the mistakes of others blindly, for it will pull us farther from God and destroy us. In moments of doubt, we should remember God's guiding words, to wash ourselves clean, to stop all this evil and learn to do right. It is through thanksgiving that we honor Him. By doing so, we purify ourselves and become rightful and worthy followers of the Lord.

Dear Lord, 

Teach us to remain good and shun evil from our lives. 
Make us always just and guide us in choosing to do what is right instead of wrong. 
Help us that we become instruments of Your saving grace as we lead others to follow Your light.


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