Unrelenting Love

Lent 2017 : Day 13

Reflection Posted : 2017-03-14 by : Melissa

Are you trusting completely in the Lord or are you abandoning the love that He freely gives? 

In the midst of all this chaos my feet are planted firmly on the ground. However, the chaos that surrounds me is making it impossible to see the world around me. I become blinded by the wind whipping around my body and the objects that go buzzing by my head but my feet are planted firmly on the ground. It seems as though everyone is demanding my attention and everything is taking over my time, but despite all of this, my feet still remain firmly planted on the ground.  I will only push so much as to make myself move but when I do move, I will make sure I am ready because my feet need to remain firmly planted in the ground. The ground will shake, it will rock, it may even split but the ground my feet are planted in remains steady and firm. The chaos around me may cause blindness and sometimes put me in a state of panic, make me lose sight of my goals. Then Someone will remind me that my feet are planted firmly in the ground. He reminds me that my feet walk in Christ's name. He reminds me the ground my feet are planted in is sacred ground. He pushes me to move, enables me to take one more step so that I may continuously move towards Christ while my feet remain firmly rooted in the ground. The grounding is my faith and I will never abandon my faith.

Just like Lazarus, he was dead, but Jesus raised him from the dead after 4 days. The real reason Jesus didn't rush to see Lazarus, to help his family in the grieving process, was because the number 4 is past the amount of days to wait for something to happen from God. Jesus is God and was putting faith in the disbelievers. Having faith and being grounded in that faith requires a firm ground.

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