Unrelenting Love

Lent 2017 : Day 12

Reflection Posted : 2017-03-13 by : Mary

In our world today it seems so easy to give into what is easier. We use our smart phones to do our banking or our laptops to online shop. We as humans tend to take the easy road out. I find even in a relationship setting, when love seems hard to achieve we simply leave it or let it be. How often do we truly push and fight for our relationships with our friends, family and with God and refuse to never give up loving, even in the hardest of times. 

As hard as it may seem, God proves to us all that unrelenting love is absolutely possible and absolutely beautiful as well. When we may stray from God, He never gives up on us, but continues to love and fight for us. 

As I reflect on God’s unending love, I think about this quote from “Jesus Culture”, a fantastic Christian band who put God’s truth into a few simple words. 

“You won’t relent until you have it all
My heart is yours
I set you as a seal upon my heart
As a seal upon my arm”

The love here is this unbreakable seal that works as a constant reminder. This reminder is that God’s love for you is absolutely unfathomable. It is hard to picture and even to wrap our heads around how much God loves us. To put it into a perspective, God thinks of His children every day. He thought of you, and you specifically when He created the earth, when He created man and even when He sent down His only son to die for our sins. As Jesus carried His Cross that solemn Friday, He pictured your face in His head and thought of you specifically. As He fell the first, second and third time, He rose because of you.

It is beautiful to imagine and I truly believe that if we all realized and truly thought about how much God loves us, we would be in undeniable bliss all day, everyday. Let God fill you heart with his unrelenting, unfathomable love for you and next time you fall, think of the face of Jesus, just as he thought of you. 

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