Unrelenting Love

Lent 2017 : Day 11

Reflection Posted : 2017-03-12 by : Isi

The Lord My Guardian

I would like to reflect on Psalm 121. In verse one, the psalmist asks “…from where will my help come?”, and in verse two, responds, “My help comes from the LORD, who made heaven and earth.”

Sometimes, in our life experiences, we may need that reassurance that we are not alone. In some circumstances, it may appear that while some things are working out fine for us, some other (equally or more important) things do not seen to be progressing very well or working in our favour. It may be a health-related condition, a matter concerning a family member, studies, work, or, finances. As children of God, and as declared in today’s psalm, we should always look to God for His help in all situations. It may not be as easy, but we must endeavour to always trust in God. 

I would like to encourage everyone to take out time today (or sometime this week) and meditatively pray the entire Psalm 121. And say ‘I’ in the instances where ‘you’ is written (and say ‘my’ in place of ‘your’); personalize this prayer and feel the comfort, serenity and consolation that it brings as you pray it and believe it. The Lord God is our protector and He is always with us.

I am not alone.


(click here to view Psalm 121)

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