Unrelenting Love

Lent 2017 : Day 8

Reflection Posted : 2017-03-09 by : Terence

For the longest time, God has been drowned out by other things in my life, and I really did not take enough initiative to get to know Him further than what I was taught at Sunday School in my youth, decades ago.  

Thinking back, I did not have God at the center of my life.

Then Life changed. Circumstance changed. A time came where I needed Him the most.  Only God can give me the power to carry on.  I suddenly had a burning desire to want to know Him more.  I wanted to start afresh with Him.  With this desire, and His guidance (through events that were more than coincidental), my perspective of life and faith has changed, markedly from before.   Most importantly, I realized that my faith is something I need to take seriously (and everyone else for that matter).  

Whoever wants to know God, need just ask, search, and knock and He will lead the way.

God is ever faithful to those who seek him.

Lord God,
Help us to always seek You,
Grant us hearts yearning to know You,
Keep us ever near You, even when we feel far away,
Save us from our busyness and guide us back to You.
We ask this through Your Son, our Lord, Jesus Christ.

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