Unrelenting Love

Lent 2016 : Day 21

Reflection Posted : 2016-03-01 by : UL Staff

I have heard various inspirational thoughts saying that we don't ask for enough from our God or ask the wrong things from Him.  

I asked by inspiration that His Vision of me be fulfilled.  

Sometimes we ask for things and don't realize how difficult the path is to get there or our own capabilities. But our God knows this and more, and we are safer to open ourselves to Him and to let Him guide our course for us and to accept with gratitude all that He brings us to get there no matter how difficult it is. Rejoice, as He comforts and consoles after time of trial! Know that He seeks to prosper you and not harm you and that where He brings you is worthwhile. Hang on, hope and look to Him and His own struggles in His life. Remember that all this passes away faster than you think. Do not let it catch you unawares, as He wants you to be on the watch prepared for His unexpected arrival. He's worth waiting for - He our fulfillment and completion of our souls - He whom our souls seek and mourn for. He is worth waiting for and striving for.



----- R

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