Unrelenting Love

Lent 2016 : Day 9

Reflection Posted : 2016-02-18 by : UL Staff

Here, I present an excerpt from a collection of short sentences and phrases from my personal prayer journal. They are events, stories, incidences I learned from the bible or through listening to people or other means such as attendance to public lectures. In my reflections, I imagine myself to be an actor in the story and I will ask myself what I would do if I was to be really the person. And lastly I’d ask myself what I will now do differently on the account of the story or event.

I therefore invite us to follow me in these soul searching questions.

Today, let us take a closer look on the Gospel account of Luke, where we learn about the presentation of the Lord (Luke 2: 25 – 35). Now, imagine you were Simeon. Imagine the Blessed Virgin Mary bringing Jesus, the Son of the Most High and placing Him in your arm.............

 Is this really possible? Can I really be Simeon? What does it take to be God-fearing (Luke 2: 25).  What does it take to be led by the Spirit (Luke 2: 27).

Can’t we hope that if we have faith, we may experience the presentation and behold Mary coming upon the world, bringing the Eucharistic Christ? And where some people would see only a white Wafer, those with the eyes of Faith will behold the Saviour of the World? 


------ Sabastian

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