Unrelenting Love

Lent 2017 : Day 40

Reflection Posted : 2017-04-10 by : Nikki

We are enlightened by the many teachings about God and the countless showers of His love and blessings upon us. For us who are saved by Him, all we could ever want is to live in His kingdom all our days, and to marvel at His goodness.
It is very reaffirming to know that God, too, wants us to be near Him. In Isaiah 42:5, it says that He has fashioned the earth and all that lives here; He has given life and breath to all people, and called us to be His servants. Through us, God will bring light to the nations.
As dutiful Christians, it should be effortless and automatic for us to answer God’s call to be his true followers and servants. The answer should be a resounding YES, but these days we are finding it harder and harder to surrender and devote ourselves completely to Him. Although we know the rightfulness and merits of carrying out good deeds and missions in His name, why does it seem like saying NO to a life of service to God is the easier thing to do?
I asked a friend the same question, and he revealed that a possible reason could be the notion of unworthiness. Why would God choose someone like me, a nobody, an ordinary person, a non-achiever, a Sunday Catholic, a sinner; to share His teachings and carry out His tasks? Why would He entrust the care of His kingdom to someone like me? Surely there are other people who are holier than me and could fill the job without messing it up. Besides, there are so many other tempting things like my personal activities, hobbies, reputation and personal cares that I would rather spend my time and energy on.
If you look at it closely, this feeling of unworthiness may be a false notion, and it could stem from insecurity and fear of disappointing God. To counter this, Isaiah 42:1 says that He has chosen us as whom He is pleased with, and filled us with His spirit. We are reminded that we are all precious creations of God. In His eyes, we are all worthy of being called His followers and living a life centered in Christ.
John 12:1-11 (Jesus is Anointed at Bethany) shows the kind of followers Jesus has – Lazarus, Martha, and Mary. Those who were considered lowly and have suffered, but remained his faithful believers. For me, this shows that God calls the seemingly lowly people as instruments of his love and miracles. They may seem unworthy and questionable to some, but in reality, are most deserving of His grace. Amidst the difficulties, oppression, and uncertainties they’ve faced, they’ve remained faithful to God and in turn, have received His blessings and favors through Jesus.
This is how we should live our lives. We should always remember that God calls us, His children, unceasingly, and we are worthy of His saving grace. With complete humility and surrender, we should devote ourselves to the Lord and strive to be in His presence forever.
Dear Lord,
We thank You for the value You put in us, and for Your endless love and mercy. As we come to the close of this Lenten period, we recognize that Jesus Christ our Savior is near. We know that with His passion and resurrection comes a new life for us. 
Strengthen us that we may always answer YES to You, Lord. Breathe into us a fulfilled spirit, that we may have the courage to face our fears and answer Your call to be your servants.
Like in Psalm 27, we will come Lord. Don’t hide yourself from us! Teach us what you want us to do, lead us along a safe path, and don’t abandon us to harm.
Protect us and keep us safe as we spend our days sharing Your blessings and grace.


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