Unrelenting Love

Lent 2017 : Day 30

Reflection Posted : 2017-03-31 by : Nikki

I grew up having a closer relationship with my mother than with my father. Throughout my childhood and adolescent years, my father was abroad, working to provide for us. It didn’t help that he was the silent type, was not affectionate, and had a quick temper. Sad to say, all those years, we became distant to each other and further grew apart.
I could only imagine what the people of Moses felt after they escaped from Egypt. They were following a God who was not visible and near to them. A God who seemed strict and unforgiving, who will punish them for going astray. (Exodus 32:7-14)

Whenever I would get in trouble, my mother would step in the middle, help cool my father's head, and remind him to be gentle with his children. She would also do the same to me, explaining my father's sentiments, disappointments, and concerns. Thanks to her, I've gotten to know him better, and instill in my mind that my father is a good and loving head of the family. Though he may be far at times, he is always present with us through his love, concern, and sacrifices. Over the years I have learned that his anger for our wrongdoings stems not from cruelty, but from his intense hope and desire for us to become the best we can be.

I only hope that like children to our parents, we will react the same way to God our Father. To refrain from committing sin because we know it will hurt and disappoint Him, to realize that He is a merciful God, and that He only wants us to be pure like Him. To follow His ways and be the best versions of ourselves. 

Another is to start early and get to know Him on a deeper level. We don't have to rely solely on the word of others to know God and His saving ways; we can start from within and find ways to reach out to Him. 


Dear Lord,
We are truly sorry for the moments of weakness and despair. 
By choosing to sin and give importance to other worldly things, we have forgotten about the miracles You have done for us and the love and unending grace You have promised us. 
Thank You for your mercy and never letting go of us. 
Help us to remain faithful to You through our actions, to always believe in You, and to seek and invite Your presence in our lives. 

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