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Announcement Posted : 2014-06-27 by : UL Staff

UnreletingLove.org is a project developed and maintained by Catholic laity, whose goal is to help you grow in your faith.  We want to joyfully share our faith with you, using videos, articles, and a custom developed “faith journey” process.  We want to make you think and reflect about your faith, your relationship with Christ, and to share that faith with others.  We want to nourish the seeds of faith in your heart, to help grow disciples and to proclaim Christ joyfully.

As Catholic laity, we are not theologians or scholars, we are disciples of Christ who have recognized a call to share our faith, our understanding and our joy with everyone.  The articles, reflections, journeys and content for the site are developed especially for this project, written, produced and created by people with “day jobs” and families.  We’re going to try to be diligent, to represent our faith true to the teachings of the Church, however as laity we will sometimes get things wrong.  We hope that you will notify us so that we can correct our mistakes and forgive us our deficiencies.  

We also hope that you will hear the same call we have, and that you will want to share your understanding of our faith through this project. Your gifts and talents are greatly appreciated, and welcomed, we are happy to work with new contributors, creators, writers, and producers who wish to evangelize with us.  Please reach out to us at volunteer@unrelentinglove.org and let us hear your voice.

You may be wondering where the name and symbol for the project came from.  It is inspired by a personal revelation to the truth of the unending, ever forgiving, unrelenting love God has for us, and the summit of that revelation, Christ Himself.  

Ichthys (fish symbol)

Rather than using the ichthys, the logo is a modified version of the icon for “The Sacred Heart of Jesus”, and was chosen as a distinctly Catholic image, proclaiming not only our Christianity but also our unique Catholic understanding of our salvation.  The Sacred heart is symbolic of Christ's burning love for each of us and the irrepressible love and forgiveness for all of us.

Our Catholic faith is rich with symbolism and revelation, we’re excited to share and journey with you in that richness, and explore our faith and scripture with you. We hope that we can help you experience your faith in a new and deeper way, to experience God’s Unrelenting Love.

God Bless you!

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